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About Us

We sew, we source, we run around, we sit and do some more sewing...we unpick! We package and we post. We remember to pick up the kids from school...we do. We lose track of time in the trims warehouse (ahhh). We are Nightie Night Lane.

We believe our small business which is big in motivation will gain support of all those who appreciate beautiful and pure fabric, simple design and a classic aesthetic.

We are two mothers who were once on a search for beautiful nightwear for our children. It was very difficult to find nightwear that had little man made fibre, preferably 100% cotton.

To discover organic with a vintage feel would be a bonus. AND…..PJ’s for boys that didn’t cling to them like candy cane Long Johns would be a young mans dignified lifesaver! If it was under $90 for a set..…even better. Alas, it wasn’t readily available.

So the old Jenome was put under the pump as well as a mother in-law, and cotton nighties a-plenty were made for several years on end. Just for home and just for us.

However the search for comfortable boy's PJ's became a treasure hunt of sorts, sometimes successful and sometimes missed the mark completely. We have tried to incorporate all the successes we have had into the shape and fabric of the boys nightwear so they are fuss free and super comfy.

We have trialled the nightwear and the benefits of children sleeping in cotton seemed obvious enough over time; the children appeared to sweat less, be more comfortable and sleep better! 

So now we sew, and sew and run around making Nightie Night Lane happen for us and for you. We hope you like it, and we know you will soon love it.


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