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And again...it's never smooth sailing.

A brief update on how we are going.Currently Natalie is digging herself though a ton of trims and I bet having a ball. The trims warehouse has replaced my love of Officeworks, where you go with big ideas and rummage through shelves, only in the end come out with one pen or a manilla folder. [...]

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"Wish I knew then..."

“Wish I knew then what I know now.”How many times have we heard this said. We have grown up with this enduring philosophical nugget: it will never be irrelevant.Well, without going into too much detail here is our list:Business registration websites suck, really really suck.Get a bias binding machine.Have a friend called Meredith.Baby Lock’s rule.Ladies in sewing shops are [...]

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​Organic growth of a business-ish...

When we look back at the journey we have taken down Nightie Night Lane, it is truly a wonder we got to the end of the year, least of all uploaded a website and started, actually started a cottage business.There is nowhere in particular we can start but here is a peek into our truly crazy lady, nuts-o-rama, [...]

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