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And again...it's never smooth sailing.

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A brief update on how we are going.

Currently Natalie is digging herself though a ton of trims and I bet having a ball. The trims warehouse has replaced my love of Officeworks, where you go with big ideas and rummage through shelves, only in the end come out with one pen or a manilla folder. The experience was great and you saw all these new things you would love and are, 'such a good idea,' but don't buy any of them. Sort of like Ikea without the Ikea-itis, tears and carpark fury.

I am waiting to see what Natalie comes up with. She may post some pics later. Regardless, it has to be better than my latest efforts. Approximately 80 cross-city kms later, a sick child in the back of the car (again...however different child), and 4 trims locations on and I came home empty handed. Everything sold out!

So I have decided to take that as an affirmation that we are on trend, not a negative slight on our need to be maybe, just the teeniest little bit more decisive with our trims next time. Dog eat dog out there in the land of ribbons and bows. Lesson learned.

The failure of 'trims day', ended with me in a carpark, with Sick Child doing first aid on a HUGE graze (courtesy of a scooter - at-last-I-can go-outside-after-cyclone-Marcia type of riding). In one day the graze had deteriorated with such speed that Sick Child announced her fascination about the amount of funny liquid dribbling down her arm. Oh, hmmm, that's why the temperature this morning, I get it...infection. Durr.

Let's look on the bright side. At least I am not trekking through flood water this week looking for overlocker thread. My husband has always wanted a jet-ski, now I think it's a must ...must get to the sewing shop the only way I know how in flood water. Never smooth sailing, well, not yet anyway.

**just the weather for a spot of thread shopping. 


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