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​Organic growth of a business-ish...

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When we look back at the journey we have taken down Nightie Night Lane, it is truly a wonder we got to the end of the year, least of all uploaded a website and started, actually started a cottage business.

There is nowhere in particular we can start but here is a peek into our truly crazy lady, nuts-o-rama, yet must-push-on as-you-do journey.

Finding the (what we believe is the only organic manufacturer in the whole entire universe) factory:

Beware of trucks, lunatic sat-navs and low flying A380’S.

On one of our first big scouting adventures we thought a trip to the factory that supplies some of our organic knit fabric and PJ sets would be a good idea. Of course as is always the case, one child was sick and needed a day off school.

Said child came with us in the car. With a car-sick bag. With a high level of anxiety. With a totally understandable, ahem, need to constantly be reassured that she was fine and wouldn’t vomit; during Nightie Mogul Weekly Catch-up in Car Meeting.

The need for reassurance occurred at every street we turned down and incredulously ramped up when a thundering A380 almost mistook the pacific highway for a runway and nearly parked on the roof of our car. Selfishly I thought this was a bit of a cool moment, the industrial industry speed and danger of it all! Who knew, if only I could stand on the back of the station wagon and reach up; I could hitch a ride on the landing gear of another Australian Icon (one can dream) and end up across town – Australia’s nightie clad Lara Croft.

Best bit was it drowned out the sick one’s moans in the back of the car.

Finding a park during this close encounter was a monumental task but the trusty rally driving half of Nightie Night Lane managed it without a swear word. The next challenge was the crossing on foot of an insanely busy road in front of a convoy of heaving B-Doubles, this was a touch nerve racking due in part to the amount of rain that was now coming down and messing with their ability to stop at the pedestrian crossing. Our treasured cardboard patterns were protected and we bravely marched up to the address given us to announce our amazing, new, exciting, beautiful, wonderful business venture. We would have walked right in, we would have but we couldn’t find the front door.

Said sick child observing the rising of our mild panic also started to panic. And be …almost…sick.

After a few minutes hiding in a bus shelter, barely dry from the rain whilst holding a plastic bag under the child’s mouth; which could have been protecting the cardboard patterns from the down pour (did I just whinge that our loud?); we attempted to find the front door again. We rolled up like the rock stars we believe ourselves to be and started talking business. Real professional business!

Twenty minutes later and upon accepting our pleas for help, they agreed to make a few samples. They received our soggy patterns with a pitying smile.

Nightie Night Lane getting closer to reality, so we thought. 

PS. Child became green in the car on way home. 'Nough said.


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