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"Wish I knew then..."

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“Wish I knew then what I know now.”

How many times have we heard this said. We have grown up with this enduring philosophical nugget: it will never be irrelevant.

Well, without going into too much detail here is our list:

  • Business registration websites suck, really really suck.
  • Get a bias binding machine.
  • Have a friend called Meredith.
  • Baby Lock’s rule.
  • Ladies in sewing shops are not what they seem, DO NOT mess with them.
  • If there is a wobbly bit on your sewing machine don’t panic in the face of the fix-it man, your daughter wanted to see what putting it on the wrong tension would do.
  • Put aside 4 hours for the before incident, 3.5 hours panicking and 25 minutes travel and 5 minutes being told you are a bit of an exaggerator.
  • Possess three un-pickers.
  • Marry an I.T man.
  • Natalie’s gluten free fritta things are yummy.
  • Rachel is super smart.
  • 37 phone calls to 9 different government bodies is not enough. You will have to do it all again 2 months later.
  • Government bodies which make/enforce/ write standards actually don’t make/enforce/write standards.
  • Beautiful organic fabric is very rare.
  • Many Australian companies who say they are made in Australia actually are not.
  • Pins through your nail beds hurt!
  • Natalie goes blind after anesthetic.
  • You will move to Queensland in the middle of trying to set up a business and sew from cute little mouse hole.
  • We are honest.
  • Others…well…….
  • There is a pattern lady in Sydney who rocks.
  • We like wine…we knew that already. It needed confirming.
  • A person needs sleep. Something else we already knew.
  • Your children will excel in supporting you, surprise you and need lollies after the 5000th fitting.
  • The people at Australia Post are your friend. (sponsor opportunity here!)


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