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Yes! They really are hand made!

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We have been learning a lot on our journey down Nightie Night Lane!

Over the school holidays, we have learnt that the key to happy models in our photo shoots is marshmallows! Lots and lots of marshmallows!


We were thrilled with our "night deer" range. Our first real winter pj's! They are so, so soft and comfortable.

We are always learning about the challenges of sourcing organic cotton...... it is much trickier than we thought.

We have had such lovely feedback from our beautiful customers who are so surprised that our products are hand made!

Really! We really make them! We haven't got a machine that sucks up fabric, magically cuts it to the right size, sews it together and spits it out! It really is hand made in our Sydney and Brisbane studios.

Today I called the ballet chain shop I had ordered some specialist dance shoes for my daughter from. They had made a mistake and they are unavailable in her size. So, I went hunting around and everywhere I tried, didn't have them available in her size. Eventually, I found the most amazing shop that has been hand making dance shoes for 130 years. Well... I wasn't sure if the budget would stretch to hand made custom dance shoes for a seven year old, but I called them anyway.

Amazing! They are able to custom hand make a pair, for half the price that I was quoted for the mass produced ones! And they will fit her perfectly.

We are off there next week, after school and I will let you know how we go. I think I'm as excited as her!

It really is worth buying hand made.

What beautiful hand made things have you bought lately?


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